Monday, June 27, 2011

2nd Annual Bellevue Ghost Marathon Results

It was a perfect sunny day for running.

3:22:44 Chuck Engle
3:42:00 Scott Sebelsky
3:58:00 Mike Padgett
3:58:30 Arthur Martineau
4:07:00 Mary Hanna
4:07:00 Cliff Richards
4:12:05 Mike Mahanay
4:14:46 Scott McMurtrey
4:22:58 Jennifer Hughes
4:26:49 Jess Mullen
4:26:50 Robert Lopez
4:26:51 Andy Lin
4:26:52 Matt Hagen
4:29:22 Tom Gibson
4:30:32 Mike Bloom
4:33:22 James Kondek
5:01:56 Betsy Rogers
5:02:09 Jill Hudson
5:02:09 Jules Mann
5:02:09 Susie Ro
5:10:20 Cheri Pompeo
5:17:25 Linda Walter
5:25:30 Jenny Appel
5:26:35 Margaret Barrett
5:26:35 Monica Bloom
5:40:11 Rick Haase
5:40:11 Leslie Miller
5:46:15 Margaret Gorog
5:48:20 David Johnson
6:02:54 Larry Macon
6:07:14 Cyndie Merten
6:07:20 Garry Bragg

Half Marathon
2:04:00 Greg Manciagli
3:58:38 Annie Ernest

Thursday, June 23, 2011

6-23-2011 Last update

Hello Ghost Runners!

*Please show up at least 20 minutes before the start.
*Early Start is at 6:00 AM. If you think you'll be over 5 hours pick this one.
*Bring your own water bottle full and ready to go.
*1st un-manned water stop is at ~12.5 miles.
*2nd un-manned water stop is at ~19.4 on SE 22nd St across from Robinswood Park Soccer fields
*Half Marathon course has no water stops but there are lots of Mini-marts along the route.
*The Full is marked with Bright Yellow and the Half is marked with Silver when not on the Full route.
*Water will be marked with Bright Yellow Arrows and Balloons. If it gets taken find a hose or McDonalds or Arco, etc. and get some. Don’t try and finish with what you have.
*Bring your smile and have fun!
*Age group awards will be given to those who make an age group award and also win said age group.
*If you are running Rock & Roll on Saturday wear your shirt and DON’T DNS! You’ll regret it later.
*If you aren’t planning on coming Sunday PLEASE let me know ASAP.